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Puja and Vidhi in Ujjain

Ujjain is the best place for completing the performance of Kaal sarp shanti. It is completely located in the ancient city of Ujjain in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. The temple is present on the side of Rudra Sagar lake. At Mahakaleshwar jyotirlinga it is the one jyotirlinga and the linga is swayambhu. The shanti pujas are completely performed at the Punya sthala results that give to you. The kaal sarp dosh puja in ujjain charges people to pay as per the puja.

काल सर्प दोष पूजा उज्जैन में, की लागत, शुल्क और कीमत हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे।

When all the planets are surrounded by planets Rahu and Ketu then it is called Kaal Sarp Yog. Many unusual and unexpected incidents happen in a person’s life like child problems, loss in business, family-related issues, health-related issues and marriage problems. Kaal sarp dosh puja cost in ujjain as budget friendly for people. Kaal Sarp dosh can affect one person’s life for more than 50 years and it can be for whole life. When the seven planets come in between Rahu and Ketu that the person for suffering from Kaal Sarp dosh. Rahu is the mouth snake and Ketu that the remaining part of the body of a snake and it absorbs all the planets in a person’s kundalini and then makes them asleep to distance to the person from positive energy. 

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Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja Cost

Kaap sarp puja is done for the Kaal Sarp shanti puja cost that is not too much, you can easily do it for the puja by yourself or also with the help of Pandit ji. For resolving the obstacles for the life faster, Mahakaleshwar or trimbakeshwar is the best place for having the Kaal sarp shanti puja. Pandit who is having knowledge about and experience in carrying out the kaal sarp dosh puja through the entire procedure that must execute the puja. The kaal sarp dosh puja in ujjain charges a price range between 2700 to 3500 and it varies from one place to another place.

For nivaran of kaal sarp dosh, a pandit advises performing the kaal sarp dosh puja so that Rahu and Ketu Rashi can be easily disabled and other planets would remain active to make the person’s life better. The person could not find out the effects of kaal sarp dosh in the kundali, it helps to make the miserable or happening to them for coming in their path. The effects of the kaal sarp dosh may vary from person to person due to the yogas in present for the people kundali. Perhaps it is not possible for changing the position of demonic planets named Rahu and Ketu, both the planets that respect the god guru Brihaspati, the demon master Shankaracharya, and at some point in life the influence of Jupiter and venus increase the worship or rituals. The kaal sarp dosh puja ujjain price varies from pandit and place as well, it generally starts from 2500. 

Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja Procedure

The specialist pandits that can perform best for kaal sarp dosh puja and having wealth of knowledge and experience in assisting the people in removing the frightening dosh from their horoscope. To perform the kaal sarp dosh puja for the kaal sharp shanti puja, the following steps one by one is present for performing kaal sarp dosh puja. 

  • In kaal sarp dosh puja, first you need to check your kundali and then check what type it belongs to.
  • The type of kaal sarp dosh you are facing and thenafter you will perform the puja.
  • Kaal sarp dosh takes almost 3 hours to complete the vidhi and then the puja. It is mandatory for giving food to the needed ones. 
  • Go to trimbakeshwar bholenaath at early morning stage and then come to the puja location for arrangements.
  • Puja will take place at asrham that is present at Trimbakeshwar.
  • The men must wear Dhoti Gamcha or kurta paijama and women are required to wear saree during the entire puja.
  • Avoid wearing black and gree clothes during the puja.
  • The person should not come in contact with smoking, alcohol, non veg food before and after 15 days of Puja.
  • After then you can worship for the navgraha.
  • After completion of Nava Graha puja, then worship lord shiv and do havan using kala teel and Ghee.
  •  For performing the puja, people are required to wear traditional clothes like men are required to wear and women need to wear a saree. 
  • The pregnant women can not sit in the puja and other women have to completely wash their hair before entering the puja hall.
  • The natives have to take bath before performing the puja too.
  • After the completion of the puja, people can do the Rudra Abhishek finish puja.
  • The person who has lost a son will perform the pitru paksha puja and grandsons will not perform while their father is presently alive.

How Online Kaal Sarp Puja Done?

Nowadays everything is possible to do on the internet so people can cover the puja as well through online mode. For that, they need to arrange the items as per the instruction of pandit and then the puja can easily be completed. If it goes then the intensity of Kaal Sarp dosh puja gets reduced to a great extent and in such a situation the upliftment of man starts, then it is possible that the worship and rituals completely possible for removing the defect that is called Kaal Sarp dosh puja. It is not that the kaal sarp dosh is bad for all the people.

The kaal sarp dosh puja cost in ujjain is starting from 2500 only and as per pandit, it varies. A final decision that can be taken is the basis on which the house that planets are located in various ascendants and zodiac signs that is present in the horoscope. There have been many such people present with Kaal Sarp yoga, despite facing many difficulties, who have reached high positions. The kaal sarp dosh puja ujjain price is starting from 2500 only for everyone who does the puja.

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Types of Kaal Sarp Dosh

Kaalsarp dosh in astrology is considered the most concerning doshas. As per astrology, Kaal Sarp dosh is the result of one past deed or karma. The presence of dosh in Kundli will create the hurdles and delays across different aspects of life like career, love, marriage and health issues. The Kaal Sarp dosh is completely formed when Rahu and Ketu are present on one side of the horoscope and the other planets in the midst. At cost of kaal sarp puja in ujjain you will find a great life for you.

Different types of Kaal Sarp dosh are present in the following

Anant kaalsarp Dosh

Anant Kaalsarp Dosh is formed in the original horoscope when planet Rahu is present in Lagna or the 1st house of Kundli and Ketu in the 7th house. This means that all the other planets are between the two shadow planets. If a native has this dosh in his Kundli, he has to struggle much longer to succeed. Even though you will work very hard to become successful, the results will come to you too late. Anant Kaalsarp Dosha is likely to test your patience by presenting you with constant obstacles and challenges. Because of this dosha, one faces problems in all aspects of one’s life, but if you don’t give up, you will find success later.

Kulik Kaalsarp Dosh

The Kulik Kaalsarp Dosh was formed when Rahu was placed in the 2nd house and Ketu in the 8th house of the Kundli natives. This dosha is believed to bring economic loss, humiliation, debt and various other obstacles in native life. For this reason, astrologers advise against developing relationships with people without careful consideration. If you do business, make sure you do it with 100% honesty, especially during the Kulik Dosh period. As for family life, the Kalik Dosh native must remain normal. However, you may feel that you are ageing prematurely, which is why you should invest in taking care of your health. Do not use alcoholic beverages such as cigarettes, tobacco, etc. The cost of kaal sarp puja in ujjain is starting from 2499 only. 

Vasuki Kaalsarp Dosh

The Vasuki Kaalsarp dosh is formed when Rahu is placed in the 3rd house in the original chart and Ketu on the other hand is placed in the 9th house. This dosha not only hinders the life of natives but also their relatives like siblings, parents, spouses etc. You have to face the fact that your family members may be cheating on you. Chances are there will be a lack of peace in the family and the peace will continue to crumble as economic problems flare up as the Vasuki Kaalsarp dosh continues. However, the good thing is that if the person continues to work hard to make sure things work out for them, they will be financially successful.

Shankhapal Kaalsarp Dosh

Shankphal Kaalsarp Dosha is formed in Kundli congenital when planet Rahu is placed in the 4th house of Kundli and planet Ketu sits in the 10th house. This establishment of yoga in kundli was a signal of impending financial problems, illness, and disruption in the lives of the natives. During this time, happiness in the native’s family will drop to a new low. This can further hinder elements like love, raising children, etc. At a young age, a native would have a hard time making the right decisions, which was why he might find it difficult to settle down at a young age. These yogic people have to face difficulties related to land and property, so all such transactions must be carried out after proper verification.

Padam Kaalsarp Dosh

Padam Kaalsarp Dosh is formed when Rahu is placed in the 5th house and Ketu in the 11th house Kundli. This dosha is very dangerous for students, as they can lose concentration while studying and engage in dangerous actions. Therefore, parents must keep an eye on their children during this time. You also need to make sure that you are helping your child make the right educational decision or it will only cost you and your child money and time. For adults, dosh can hinder your career advancement. Anyone looking for new opportunities or taking risks should do so with a partner. Also, health should be a priority while the Padam Kaalsarp dosh is growing.

Pandit for Kaal Sarp Puja Booking

Booking Pandit Rahul Guruji for Kaal Sarp puja then you need to visit the online websites and then you are all set for having the best pandit as per your requirement. People can easily get him for kaal sarp puja, his contact number is +91 7798777980.

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Due to the extraordinary feature of the Ujjain, which contains symbols of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Rudra, Kaal Sarp Puja is also performed in Ujjain.